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The Gulliver eXchange software opens up the e-commerce platform to enterprise applications such as sales administration or ressource planning (ERP). This is achieved through application programming interfaces (API) and by the management of application data flows with an Enterprise Application Interface (EAI).

The APIs cover the creation of e-mailing campaigns, the use of e-coupons,  and the transfert of customer files.

The EAI exchanges data in multiple formats and performs the appropriate transformations. It controls the processus of data exchange and triggers operations within enterprise applications by file detection,  email or timer.

The configuration of Gulliver eXchange is based on a thorough analysis of all data required by the organization's processes.



  • 12 years of experience in e-commerce
  • More than 250 e-commerce sites 
  • Strong expertise in different trades
  • Bespoke ecommerce solutions


bloc_partenaires.png Active member of SCS

Ministry of Industry's Innovation Label (07/01/2010)